Artist Submissions

How 33 Contemporary Finds Artists

33 Contemporary Gallery selects artists for representation or feature in collaboration with Didi Menendez of PoetsArtists. To submit work to our gallery, you must be a member of the PoetsArtists community.

PoetsArtists is a platform uniting artists, authors, art collectors, galleries and other art affiliated members. Their mission is to ignite creativity and connect an already strong community with further artistic and literary opportunities. Their focus is on Contemporary Figurative Realism, Portraiture, and Poetry. 

PoetsArtists has a growing artist membership at Patreon and creates numerous exhibitions for their member base covering a wide variety of themes. They have partnered with the 33 Contemporary Gallery to bring exhibitions curated by prominent collectors and art professionals such as Painting The Figure Now at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary of Art and virtual exhibitions on Artsy. They are a yearly contributor to the ARC Salon publication prizes.

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