The Moment Before You Wake. Solo exhibition by Sara Scribner

July 1st - July 31st 2021


The paintings she created for, The Moment Before You Wake, are all based on reoccurring dreams Sara Scribner kept waking up in the middle of. Often there were animals, for instance a wolf and a crow kept making appearances, always in the distance as if they were waiting to translate a message or being a protective force. The other works are the landscapes of the dream which recreated the visual and the feel of the dream. Sara drove into her dreamworld and translates it onto canvas.

The narrative portraits of Sara Scribner weave flora and fauna with realism to create paintings that have a timeless quality. The subjects of Sara’s paintings are often women that appear to have a powerful connection to their surroundings. They are woven into a wilderness or dreamscape that uses flowers and animals to add a fanciful quality to the paintings.

Her realist style is created by using oil paints in multiple layers until the subject appears life-like on the aluminum panel.