Quest For The Modern Figure

Group exhibition running November and December, 2021

Curated by Sergio Gomez and Didi Menendez. Juried panel: Jim and Jennifer Seale, Samuel Peralta, Steven Assael, and Gina Ward.

Artist’s Reception: November 19th from 6-9 pm

A selection of works will be available for in-person viewing.

33 Contemporary Gallery
Zhou B Art Center
4th Floor
1029 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609

Hari Lualhati
Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom, 2021
Oil on aluminum panel
14 7/10 × 11 4/5 in
37.3 × 30 cm

Doug Webb
Far From Eden, 2021
Acrylic on linen
14 × 12 in
35.6 × 30.5 cm

 Chloe McEldowney
Resilient Blooms, 2021
Oil on panel
36 × 24 in
91.4 × 61 cm

Gillian Sargeant
Daisy, 2021
Oil on ACM panel
18 × 24 in
45.7 × 61 cm


Junyi Liu - In gallery
Chloe McEldowney
Doug Webb - In gallery
Gillian Sargeant - In gallery
Kate Van Doren - In gallery
Judith Peck
Grant Gilsdorf - In gallery
Marc Duquette
Scott G. Brooks
Joseph Bellofatto - In gallery
Manu Saluja
Nicole Woodruff
Elena Degenhardt - In gallery
Aixa Oliveras - In gallery
Judith Peck - In gallery
Esther BeLer Wodrich
Nicole Finger
Sebastian Sandu - In gallery
Scott Grimando - In gallery
Aixa Oliveras
Alexandra Manukyan - In gallery
Anne-Marie Zanetti - In gallery
Barbara Pence - In gallery
Ivan Pazlamatchev
Nanette Fluhr - In gallery
Narelle Zeller
Judith Peck
Manu Saluja
Tracey Ellis-Haynes
Daire Lynch
Paula Saneaux
Sara Gallagher - In gallery
Steven Morrell
Troy Jones
Tyler Streeter
Traci Wright Martin
Oceana Rain Stuart
Patricia Schappler
Hari Lualhati - In gallery
Debra Lott
Dana Younger - In gallery
Nicole Finger - In gallery