Fight or Flight. Solo Exhibition by Hilary Swingle

May 1st to the 31st 2021

These oil paintings explore the threads between her social anxiety and the exclusion from these festivities while in her youth. The bows symbolize anxiety and inflict an irrational weight on her subjects.

About the Exhibit

This series largely consists of self-portraits and portraits of Hilary Swingle's sister. Painting her sister into this body of work created an additional layer of sentimentality for this project. She understood exactly what Swingle was attempting to convey because they shared so many of the same experiences growing up. In the paintings the subjects are covered with gift bows; a ubiquitous item for many of these celebrations. The bows are bright, colorful and reflective but the paintings are not jubilant. The bows are burdensome and inflict an irrational weight on the subjects. The juxtaposition is meant to feel a little jarring for the viewer to serve as a reminder that our humanity is shared even though our experiences may differ greatly.

About Hillary Swingle

Hilary Swingle is a figurative realist oil painter working in the indirect painting method. Her work often features women as they navigate current societal norms and expectations using symbolism and highly detailed compositions. Her artwork has been exhibited in group shows in the Mountain West Region and she was recently awarded Juror’s Choice in the 2020 Utah Women Artists Exhibition. Her work is being acquired mostly by female art collectors.