Diaphanous Bodies. New Paintings by Sergio Gomez

Diaphanous Bodies is Sergio Gomez’s latest solo exhibition releasing a new body of work created in 2021.

These paintings are rooted in transformation, spirituality, and introspection.  Anchored by the evocative human figure Sergio is known for, these paintings embody a sense of spacial contemplation and ethereal presence.  The exhibition is composed of 14 mid-size acrylic-based paintings and 3 large scale works on unstretched canvas.

“Diaphanous Bodies is the culmination of what I’ve learned spiritually, emotionally and technically during the pandemic months of 2020. I believe we are all slowly coming out to the other side as changed people. These paintings are a reflection of my own transformation as they symbolize a new beginning.” –Sergio Gomez 

This exhibition is a great opportunity for collectors and first time buyers alike to add an original Sergio Gomez’s painting to their collection at a size not usually available from the artist.  Diaphanous Bodies opens July 17th at 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago and will be released worldwide through Artsy.net.